to photography and beyond
04.Sep.2014 - 07.Sep.2014

to photography and beyond


Photography has often been considered as a two-dimensional art form whose interest lies in the rendering of the picture. But along with the more immediately apparent twentieth-century revolutions in painting, an equally profound alteration has taken place in the world of photography.

The result has been the appearance of new artistic field and support for photography. The present exhibition is an attempt to introduce this significant intersection of photography and plastic arts, performance, installations and video. The ifa gallery exhibit is a visual panel of what artist can do with photography as a physical object and beyond the limit of the two-dimensional genre. Since the employment innovative photographic emulsion techniques, repainting, printing or framing in original support, the photography has become a unique creation.

The works of art by Christophe Demaître or Zane Mellupe are example of such new conception of photography that can no longer be restrained to an art of reproduction. The photographs by Zane mellupe selected for display show how photography is capable of being transformed into three-dimensional sculpture. To these are added photographs that overlapped with performance art (Zhang Dali, Dai Guangyu) not only as a documentary link but rather than a spontaneous dialogues between mediums created by multidisciplinary artists. Moreover a wide range of clearly significant relationships between photography and video does exist, including enlighten pictures or photographs in movement like in the work of Wu Junyong. Ifa gallery is bringing forward artists for whom photography is in constant renewal, always playing with the limits of the concept of multiple art.