20.Oct.2016 - 23.Oct.2016

ifa gallery presents a Xu Zhe installation that questions the limits of science and new technology, of superficiality and illusion. Xu Zhe belongs to the generation using technology as mode of reflection on contemporary reality.

The exhibition is an interpretation of contemporary society in a technological mutation in which we experience an unlimited access to information, ideas and images.

The installation Waterfowl is composed of a sculpture, a video and a photograph, highlighting the interaction between artificial and natural objects. A three-dimensional remote-controlled mechanical black swan is introduced amongst real swans in a man-made pond. An encounter between the natural and artificial worlds arises, striking up an ambiguous relationship between the two.

Other young Chinese artists including Li Rui, Tao Hongjing and Mao Tongyan will accompany Xu Zhe to depict this reality that might even be perceived as sinister and menacing.

ASIA NOW - Paris Asian Art Fair, the first boutique art fair in France and Europe dedicated to contemporary Asian art. Each selected gallery presents a curatorial proposition in an environment that allows in-depth relations with the key players of the Asian contemporary art world.

Venue: 9, Avenue Hoche – Paris 8ème