Tao Hongjing

1979 - 2015 JIANGSU, CHINA

Tao Hongjing

A graduate of the Theatre Academy of Shanghai, Tao Hongjing also studied at the National Superior Art School of Grenoble.Tao Hongiing grew up under the regime of the “four Modernisations”, aimed at turning China into a great economic power at the outset of the 21st century. These reforms insisted on the economic dependence of China and covered four different areas: agriculture, industry, science/technology and national defence.

Although following the trail of China’s economic change of past decades, Tao Hongjing’s artwork is not influenced by commercialized consumer products – unlike the work of many other artists of his generation. His carefully considered installations and paintings focus instead in a more general manner on government political and economic objectives.

Tao Hongjing has exhibited at the 1918 Artspace (Shanghai, China), Studio Rouge (Hong Kong, China), Shun Gallery (Shanghai, China), Red Gate Gallery (Beijing, China), Galerie d’art (Prague, Czech Republic) and at OUI (Grenoble, France).

The artist passed away the 4th April 2015, at the age of 36, while working on his latest project.