Dai Guanguy solo exhibition
10.Aug.2010 - 31.Aug.2010

ifa²gallery is pleased to present the Dai Guanguy’s exhibition curated by Cai Zhenxing and Zane Mellupe.

“Clothing” reveals the volatile nature of human beings that’s normally covered by the moral and ethic codes of civilized societies. Landscape painting and erotic depictions are but two kinds of art forms that speak of two cultural fantacy stereotypes. As symbolized idealogy, they best convey the bare human nature and.its desires. In other words, “Clothing” is the fig leaf that the society has placed upon individuals.

“Awaken” was made during the 1995 World Conference on Women held in Beijing. The piece responds to the marginalized feminine art form as well as justifies the artist’s artistic standpoint and state of working that very much stray away from the mainstream context. By inscribing each Chinese character of the translated slogan of early Femenist movement, “Use your organs as you please,” onto individual females, the artist deliberately elaborated on the topic and, through which, introduced her own view point on art.

Dai Guangyu

august 2010

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