Zhao Qian Sun Li

Fan Jiupeng solo exhibition
04.Sep.2010 - 08.Nov.2010

ifa²gallery is pleased to present the Fan Jiupeng’s solo exhibition curated by Alexis Kouzmine-Karavaïeff and Darja Lin.

It seems in my conscious that I’m fascinated by art works whose contents pose potential contradiction and clashing.

Formally speaking, “Pingze Hundred Family Surnames” may seem to have nothing to do with the double-sided work on the polycarbonate plate. However, come to think of it, they very coincidentally and cleverly reflect what I mean by potential contradiction and clashing.
Take “Pingze Hundred Family Surnames,” the pinyin tones of the over five hundred surnames constituted the long curve in the image. And the curve, just like the stock market in 2007, rises steadily. However, audiences who have the common knowledge of this Chinese piece should know that, “Hundred Family Surnames” was composed in Song Dynasty. The surname of the royal family was “Zhao;” understandable that it was listed first in the text. Therefore, the order of the surnames was by and large determined based on the statuses and populations of each particular surname.

Amid the steadily rising, prospering delusion hides conflicts of hierarchy; is it sufficient in telling the sentiment within it all?

Fan Jiupeng

august 2010

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