WhyWhyArt – Community Hospital


Group exhibition curated by Zane Mellupe exhibiting Christophe Demaître, Zane Mellupe, Susanne Junker and 17 other artists.


Community Hospital

Community Hospital is a group exhibition in a former Chinese medical clinic space situated in a previous-era colonial house. This is the first exhibition organised by WhyWhyArt in this exciting new art space on Yuyuan Lu. The participating international and local artists will be exhibiting works that reflect on philosophical, personal and social issues. Where art raises awareness, can be cathartic, or is even the cause. Using Community Hospital as a place where “Matters” can be explored, stated, defined, and maybe even cured. Each cross medium artwork exhibited each picture a certain problem.


Private art preview evening
Saturday 5th September
By invitation

Open for Public

6th September – 10th October
Tuesday – Sunday
10am – 7pm