Guests: Marie de Moussac & Pia Copper
18.Mar.2010 - 22.Mar.2010

For this very first ARTPARIS+GUESTS - an extension of the regular art fair framework - ifa gallery has invited curators Marie de Moussac and Pia Copper to join, widening its China and South-East Asia perspective, to contribute a selection of works of artists from Iran and the Middle East.

This year, ifa gallery will welcome a performance and installation by Dai Guangyu, whose focus is the use of ink in his framework of art. The performance will take place near the booth on Thursday 18 March 7PM and on Saturday 20 March 3.30PM.

ifa gallery will also be presenting the Gao Brothers Utopia of Construction, a composite of images of tiny men enclosed in infinitely duplicated windows, denouncing the urban dream of planners and architects; and a curious video describing the surreal day dreams of young artist Li Ming where an excavator combs the hair of an unidentified woman. Six pairs of Tong Yan Ru'nan's Brothers will also be on display. Aside from these works, will be sculptures by Pham Ngoc Duong - two eerily compacted members from his Gold Family series - and Dinh Y Nhi's oils on canvas that relate the harrowing stories of not only women in Asia, but of people the world over.

Marie de Moussac & Pia Copper will present 'Under the Veil'. An exhibition whose artists are often censored in their home countries but still manage to work out of their studios and produce outstanding work.

Finally, ifa gallery will also present new drawings from Arnaud de Gramont, incarnations of internal body organs hovering in space.

ifa gallery + Marie de Moussac & Pia Copper bring to light artists from China and across Asia, from Beijing to Paris, via Hangzhou, Chengdu, Vietnam, Iran and the Middle East to the new edition of ARTPARIS.