solution? what is the name? solution? other thoughts?

group exhibition
26.Nov.2011 - 05.Feb.2012

solution ?


what is the name ?


solution ? 


other thought ?

“solution?” (title of the exhibition from 25 august to 9 september 2011)
“what is the name? solution?” (title of the exhibition from 10 september to 26 november 2011)
“other thoughts?” (title of the exhibition from 27 november – 05 february 2012)

Wang Xiaofeng, Zhang Liaoyuan, Shao Yi and Audience

This exhibition challenges the idea of an “exhibition” by showing a progress of changes and development – that goes through a thought process of artists and results – or not results – in an art piece; in an art exhibition. Artists are taking time for rethinking and reformulating a very art piece itself, extending it to making of an exhibition – questioning the margins for a practice’s beginning, middle and end. What is a completed creative process? Is it possible to complete a process? Is it the perception of a viewer that defines the completion?

How does an artist see his art in an exhibition environment / space?

The visible start of this exhibition was 6 months ago – it has been changing its form and direction. It is meant to be changing. What you will see is not a final product, it is a growing organism, in which things are allowed to not be finished, but to be re-thought, changed and re-interpreted.
Repeated attendance of the show would be highly recommended and even required in order to observe the process and rethink your own opinions.

first vernissage
26 november 2011


Context Manipulates the Content

The latest edition of the group exhibition of Zhang Liaoyuan, Wang Xiaofeng and Shao Yi questions the changing meaning of an artwork in relation to the context in which it is placed.

Consider what is “read” into an artwork; what one is capable of seeing, and what one will get out of it is influenced substantially by vocabulary and knowledge- ones personal subjectivity.

A piece of meat – A piece of meat on a plate – A piece of meat on a plate on the road – A piece of meat on a plate on the road next to a sign which states: “No Locals”.

second vernissage
7 january 2012

Wang Xiaofeng
measures the decibels of alertness, the noise of laughter. Is it enough to rethink only one’s own life – or should we care about the system also?

Zhang Liaoyuan
reveals the role of digital software, which influences the creation of perceptions of beauty and aesthetics, creating new paths in visual language.

Shao Yi
looks for the function and the lack of function, the useful and the useless, the praise and the celebration of a tool. There is no space for self evidence.

Zane Mellupe, curator

18 november 2011

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