Death is Going Home — Alexandre Ouairy


Alexandre Ouairy is pleased to present Death is Going Home, a curated show of Tao Hongjing’s latest work. Taking on the after-life and closing 10 years of work from Tao’s reflection on money, fame and life. This retrospective builds a bridge between his earliest works and the final one, showing the tools and methodologies the artist used over his career.



Alexandre Ouairy is a French artist and curator. He has exhibited in Palais de Tokyo, Lyon Biennale, Moscow Moma, and curated shows in France, Japan and China. He mainly focuses on law and regulatative system in design, urbanism and social behaviors. He teaches Contemporary Art and Visual Studies at Shanghai Theatre Academy and lives in Shanghai.

Ms Chang Fangyuan is a Chinese curator who teaches design courses as a lecturer in Shanghai where she lives.

Red Gate Gallery (Beijing)

7.NOV.2015 – 29.NOV.2015

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Shun Art Gallery (Shanghai)

21.NOV.2015 – 13.DEC.2015

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