Alexandre Ouairy

1980 Nantes, France


Graduate of the National Superior Art School of Grenoble (France) in 2004, Alexandre Ouairy is a French artist who has also studied at the Arts department of Shanghai University.

Born in Nantes, this multidisciplinary artist develops an art focussed on the connections between thought processes and artistic creativity. Interested by the laws and codes that regulate the worlds of design, urbanism and social behaviour, he attempts to bypass the traditional and unalterable structures of society and of the market.

The artistic work of Alexandre Ouairy reinvents visuals codes with the aim of revealing that which cannot be seen, or offering a different perception of reality. His paintings and installations reveal his work to be not only a new visual experimentation but also a conceptual investigation.

He has taken part in exhibitions including the Lyon Biennial, GNS (Palais de Tokyo, Paris), and the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art.

Alexandre Ouairy currently lives and works in Shanghai.