Shame — Museum Dr. Guislain


31.10.15 – 29.05.16

That which we wish to keep hidden, becomes visible. That of which we do not wish to talk, becomes public. From taboo to embarrassment, from primness to awkwardness, from blushing to guilty pleasures: this exhibition sheds light on shame, a feeling which is difficult to grasp, yet omnipresent. It catches us by surprise, at the least expected moments and for the most diverse reasons: when we say something unseemly in public, or because of the smaller or larger imperfections of the body. But we also feel shame about poverty or psychological problems. Whether we want this or not, shame has an influence on everything we do.

Just like the reasons for being ashamed differ, shame also differs according to a person’s character, the times in which people live and the place they find themselves in. Shame is a personal as well as a social phenomenon: each person, but also each culture, deals with it in a different way. The exhibition Shame explores this field along different lines: by means of objects from other cultures, historical psychiatric documents or actual witnesses. Modern and contemporary artists represent this feeling in paintings, sculptures, photographs and video.

A richly illustrated catalogue accompanies this exhibition (D/F/E, 176 p., Uitgeverij Lannoo).

Chantal Akerman, Francis Alÿs, Alioune Bâ, Sarah Baker, Michael Borremans, Claude Cahun, Tom Callemin, Robert Capa, Roy de Villevoye, Jim Dine, Desiree Dolron, Marcel Duchamp, Tracey Emin, Gao Brothers, Marc Garanger, Siebe Wiemer Glastra, George Grosz, Seymour Jacobs, Gert Jochems, Nicolas Karakatsanis, Willy Kessels, Meiro Koizumi, Frans Masereel, Paul McCarthy, Boris Mikhailov, George Minne, Lauren Moffatt, Hans Op de Beeck, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Félicien Rops, Tammo Schuringa, Jan Sluijters, Miroslav Tichý, Patrick Van Caeckenbergh, Philippe Vandenberg, Jan Van Imschoot, Ina van Zyl…

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