Punch Punch Punch:Enduring Magnetism I 1×3 Gallery I Huang Rui, Gao Brothers, Zhang Dali


The 1×3 Gallery inaugural exhibition Punch Punch Punch:Enduring Magnetism opens on Aug 17, 2016, in the 798 Art District. Artists are Huang Rui,Gao Brothers,Zhang Dali. Curated by Du Xiyun, the exhibition is the public debut of the large scale installation and sculpture, photography, all of them are three artist’s latest work. The exhibition will continue for three months.


Curator: Du Xiyun
Artists: Huang Rui, Gao Brothers, Zhang Dali
Duration:SEP 17—NOV 17 2016
Opening: SEP 17 2016 15:00
Venue: A02,Yinxiang North Road,No.797 Middle Street,798 Art District, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

 Punch Punch Punch:Enduring Magnetism