Joakim Eneroth solo exhibition at CCA Andratx


Joakim Eneroth will exhibit his series “Whispering Void” at CCA Andratx in Mallorca (Spain) from 20 September 2019 to 01 March 2020.
Opening ceremony is on Friday 20 September at 12PM.


CCA Andratx is pleased to present the new exhibition by the Swedish artist Joakim Eneroth. “Whispering Void” is an innovative art exhibition about the true nature of mind, explored through levitating sculptures, 3D hologram photos as well as a meditation art performance event.

In “Whispering Void” Joakim Eneroth investigates the question of how to reveal the subconscious layers and patterns of our human experience. The photographic artwork makes visible the dance of notions and perceptions in the fluctuating mind. The reflections usually revolve around how to distinguish the mental projections from reality itself. Awareness, consciousness and mind are base-themes that unite in Eneroth’s work.

The exhibition comprises three series of works –or parts- revolving around one same theme. The first part analyses the subject from an Eastern philosophical point of view; the second part, comprehends an exploration from a Western psychological perspective combined with a contemporary neuroscience approach. Finally, the third part investigates the differences between those two points of view.

With each new series the artist explores a new aspect of consciousness and the boundaries where our inner and outer worlds meet. This art exploration has led Eneroth to develop new techniques such as levitating sculptures made of electromagnets and three-dimensional hologram photographs, all of them manifesting the shifts and movements of the transparent mind.

The American video artist Bill Viola describes Joakim Eneroth’s work as: “[…] the vivid record of a personal journey to uncover the fundamental emptiness that lies beyond and beneath our day-to-day experience of the world. The result is a profound meditation on impermanence and emptiness in contemporary life and the fullness that emerges within us when our inner mirror is finally polished and the clutter long blocking our vision is cleansed. […]”

Joakim Eneroth was born in 1969. His work has been exhibited internationally in a broad selection of solo and group shows. He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards and his work is represented in large museum collections such as: Tate Modern (London), Brooklyn Museum of Art (New York), Moderna Museet (Stockholm), Houston Museum of fine art, Dallas Museum of art, MEP (Paris), Frank Suss Collection (London), Deichtorhallen (Hamburg), Art Foundation Mallorca, (Andratx) and others. His art books have been published with prestigious publishers such as Steidl and Power House Books.


Beyond Silence – A freedom method

28.08.19 – 13h

This art performance has been created as a guided meditation where Joakim Eneroth leads us into the landscape of our minds and points out the overlooked aspects where an inner freedom can be found. He will use traditional eastern freedom methods which have been secularized and transformed into a contemporary art expression. He will explore if these secularised freedom methods potentially can be used in different areas of our western society in the same way that for example mindfulness, which is an eastern secularized stress reduction method, is currently commonly used in the west.

Participation is free


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