07.Sep.2012 - 09.Sep.2012


Fitting; in; the; system; staying; utterly; isolated - are the key words of the exhibition Cells, a showcase of the following artists based in China: Gao Brothers, Liu Bolin, Li Rui, Fan Jupeng, Dai Guangyu and Zane Mellupe.

This exhibition features a selection of works depicting emotional, mental or social structures of the artists themselves or perhaps the imaginary collective consciousness of the broader society. Each artist deals with depicting the place of an individual and the way one tries to fit in or is fitted into the social structure.

Gao Brothers depict the social structure itself, Liu Bolin dissolves into the environment, Li Rui tries to get into the soul, Fan Jiupeng openly states “Lost”, Dai Guangyu tries to decode and Zane Mellupe isolates time.