Wei Ji = Still in Crossing I Dai Guangyu solo show
17.Jun.2012 - 20.May.2012
Hong Kong

Wei Ji = Still in Crossing* Dai Guangyu solo show

This exhibition focuses on the reconstruction of a constant developing system of cultural concepts and symbols. It shows the changes, in landscapes, in portraits, in oneself. The technique of work involves the repeated actions and transformations of the painting to reach a never ending cultural interpretations and reinterpretations. The works presented are reconstructed ink paintings on rice paper, an installation work in the centre of the booth and a performance by Dai Guangyu.

Dai Guangyu became one of the leaders of the New Art Wave Movement of Sichuan at the end of the 80’s. His strong cultural and educational environment has made the artist particularly aware on social and cultural issues that he has been faithfully researching, analysing and depicting throughout his entire career.

performance by Dai Guangyu during the vernissage _____________________ * Wèi Jì (未濟) is the 64th and last hexagram of the I-Ching (classic of change book). Translated in English by "Still in Crossing", its other variations include “Not Yet Fording”, "Before Completion" and "Not Yet Completed".