Art Basel I Hong Kong 13

Sensor Ship 0.46%
23.May.2013 - 26.May.2013
Hong Kong

Sensor Ship

is a series of exhibitions focusing on the comparison of censorship mechanisms between various countries (China, USA, Vietnam, Russia, India, France, Germany, etc.). Sensor Ship 0.46% cis an exhibition focusing specifically on censorship mechanism in China. This exhibition is divided into two aspects:

- A research exhibition based on conversations between the curatorial team and artists on the one hand (questioning them why they think their works are censored) and on the other hand with cultural institutions responsible for public dissemination.

- An exhibition that probes the self-censorship of the artists, the curators, and the institutions or commercial spaces.

This exhibition presents previously censored works or their documentation together with artist interviews detailing personal opinions as to why they may have been censored, what they believe is the root of their own inner self-censorship mechanism and research materials based on communications with official cultural bureaus and related departments detailing why the works were censored. The answers from both the artists and the official cultural departments are presented next to each other.

"My own consciousness can block me for doing art sometimes because each of us is living in an intrinsic state of mind. Every artist needs to work really hard and struggle with themselves to breach the limitations. Our greatest enemy is ourselves." – Zhang Dali

artists featured

Dai Guangyu

Gao brothers

Zhang Dali