Segmented Realities

Leroy Brothers Solo exhibition
10.Sep.2021 - 07.Nov.2021

A “Witness Your World” art creation by LEROY BROTHERS


With the Segmentation Series, Leroy Brothers tap into both the concept of unicity and valuation of art through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

The artworks of the series are created with results of the artists’ long lasting participative art project Witness Your World (first version 2012).

Algorithms and A.I. recognize objects and subjects from the pictures used in the results, then segment pieces of content, which are saved in separate files. These segmented images are used to create semi-abstract digital compositions: Segmented Realities.

Each of the new digital compositions of the Segmentation Series is tokenized and becomes a NFT, which owns its proper identity, but also its own authenticity and traceability.

Although, what matters most is ownership, whether it’s digital or not. When a collector buys a NFT, this collector gains ownership of the content in question. However, it can still travel freely across the internet, be viewed or saved by anyone. Still, only one person owns it. At first, this might sound like it reduces the value of a NFT, but in reality, the more a file is shared and seen online, the more cultural value it accrues.

The NFTs Token IDs are, on the one hand, shown in the ifa gallery exhibition. Collectors can buy those NFTs.
On the other hand, a physical representation of the NFT is shown, which can be acquired as well, if one wishes to do so. This representation can be reproduced endlessly, as the real value of the artwork belongs to the NFT. Hence, the owner of the image might be someone else.

Opening up the digital artwork creation process to the cryptoworld is a natural evolution in the work of Leroy Brothers, who have been pioneering the digital art scene since 2003.