1.10.2016 — 8.01.2017

1 October 2016 is the opening date for Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk. During a period of 100 days this arts festival in the Belgian cities Hasselt and Genk will focus on TRADEMARKS. Trademarks have an enormous impact on our daily lives. Along with logos and trade names they are often barely noticed, but provide instant recognisability and an identity for products, services and their users. TRADEMARKS explores the tension between the fields of art and commerce in visual arts, fashion, design, photography and music. Are you curious about the stories behind originality and personal branding? Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of 100 days of logo mania.

Stadstriënnale (City Triennial) is a multidisciplinary arts festival that is held every three years at different locations in Hasselt. For this fourth edition, the revamped festival extends to Genk as a partner city. The festival opts for a bottom-up structure, in which existing and new initiatives are enhanced by collaborative relationships with curators, art institutions and private partners. This approach guarantees an extremely diverse range of arts, curated by a diverse and multifaceted team of curators. Clustering presentation, production and participation projects results in a dynamic that gives every opportunity for reflection and development.

For this new edition the City Triennial focuses on the pervasive and multidimensional theme of TRADEMARKS. These protected brands or company names often acquire an almost magical status. Along with logos, they are part of a commercial strategy influenced by capitalism, in which our identity is closely linked to the products we buy and the services we use.



Location: cultuurcentrum Hasselt (Cultural Centre of Hasselt)
Duration: 01.10.2016 – 08.01.2017
Curator: Emmanuelle d’Autreppe

In these times of social media and selfies, does anyone reflect anymore upon notions concerning ‘identity and image’? On the contrary: don’t we all constantly? We look at ourselves through a catalogue of images of the other, supplemented by decontextualised references. Immersive but critical, the exhibition Identity as a TM unravels the urge to ‘trademark’ ourselves. Anonymity, self-reflection and social stratification are mixed into a plurality of static and moving images, in which the visitor needs to find himself. The dynamic spaces of the CCHA become more than just exhibition spaces, but prove a genuine labyrinth holding the keys to self-imagination.


Participating artists

Dave Anderson (US) – Nobuyoshi Araki (JP)- Diane Arbus (US) – BEN (Ben Vautier, FR) – Nadia Benchallal (FR) – Denis Bernier (FR) – Sara Bomans (BE) – Dominique Castronovo & Bernard Secondini (BE) – Nagib Chtaib (BE) – Lorelei Colpin (BE) – Raul Corrales (CU) – Cravat & Bada (BE) – Aurore Dal Mas (BE) – François de Coninck (BE) – Jean Depara (AN) – Bénédicte Deramaux (FR) – Hans Eijkelboom (NL) – Artur Eranosian (B) – Clyde Funtona (B) – Mario Gigli (B) – Nan Goldin (US) – Marion Gronier (FR) – Anne-Sophie Guillet (B) – Clara Gutsche (CA) – Laurent Henrion (BE) – Rob Hornstra (NL) – Solal Israel (BE) – Hana Jakrlova (CZ) – Djos Janssens (BE) – Hendrik Kerstens (NL) – Mona Kuhn (US) – Aurélien Lacroix (coll., BE) – Romain Leblanc (FR) – Peggy Lee Cooper (BE) – Leroy Brothers (BE) – Edouard Levé (FR) – Benjamin Leveaux (BE) – Jacques Lizène (BE) – Eva L’Hoest (BE) – Laurie Long (US) – Emilio Lopez Menchero (BE) – Baudoin Lotin (BE) – Ariane Loze (BE) – Marcel Mariën (BE) – Inge Morath (BE) – Shirin Neshat (IR) – Nathalie Noël (BE) – Aimé Ntakiyica (BE) – Frédéric Pauwels (BE) – Max Pinckers (BE) – Yves Pitchen (LU) – Richard Prince (US) – Jacob Rajchman (BE) – Jean-Yves Remy (FR) – Lola Reynaerts (BE) – Alain Rivière (FR) – August Sander (DE) – Antoine Schneck (FR) – Jacques Sonck (BE) – Grete Stern (AR) – Amalia Ulman (AR) – Annie van Gemert (NL) – Liza Van der Stock (BE) – James Vanderpuije (GH) – Manon Vanderweeghde (BE) – Frédéric Winand (BE) – Casimir Zagourski (POL/CON) + Anon. (XIXe – Xxe)