Christophe Demaître & Jan Bucquoy exhibited at Power Station of Art in Shanghai


Art is snacks, life is dinner.
16.JUL.2016 – 16.OCT.2016


Curator: Gong Yan

Organizer: PSA

Sponsor: TOTO


SNACKS is a publicly distributed magazine edited and designed by a group of artists and designers. Since its inauguration in 2009,SNACKS has collaborated with more than 200 artists from around the globe.

The exhibition SNACKS features precisely these unclassifiable artists and their works. It brings together extraordinary thoughts, experiments, and experiences from different corners in the world and different lifestyles. The exhibition calls for innovation in form and embraces improvisation to help us retrieve festive memories. Here, artists will create works during their residencies inspired by public life, quotidian experience, and their memory of faith.
Address: 200 Huayuangang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Telephone: 021-31108550

logo Power Station of Art

Christophe Demaitre - PSA

installation by Christophe Demaître

Jan Bucquoy - PSA

“huile sur toile” “油画” by Jan Bucquoy