there is no innocence, only different levels of responsibility

Christin Kalweit solo exhibition
11.Feb.2012 - 08.Apr.2012

ifa gallery, with the kind collaboration of YK art [Shanghai], is pleased to present the Christin Kalweit’s exhibition curated by Zane Mellupe.

Believing in genetics. Each species is programmed to preserve and spread certain genetic materials that are passed on from one generation to the next. If one applies this same logic while observing the existence of certain virtues, values and esthetics, then one can grasp how Christin Kalweit’s work preserves and projects a very refined attention to details, not only in terms of the esthetics of her works but towards the whole thought process and the subjects observed.

In the exhibition, “There is no innocence only different levels of responsibility”, Christin works with razor wire that rolls and floats within a space, its nature seems to be so harmless, with a childlike purity. It has no intention to cause any damage, it appears to be too soft and too cute to reveal its true purpose and function.

The refined blades / our words / thoughts / decisions / actions / reactions just keep on rolling un-noticing / neglecting the traces left behind.

Zane Mellupe, curator

Shanghai, february 2012