Consumed notions

Joakim Eneroth solo exhibition
07.Mar.2020 - 02.May.2020

This series of photographs touches on our subconscious identification with well-known brands and how they are presented to us. Many products we buy have similar content but with a unique presentation that entices us to consume.

In this photographic series the artist Joakim Eneroth have taken different famous brands and poured them into plastic boxes, placed them on light tables and photographed them from above. When separated from the concepts, logos and designs, the perception of the products becomes something completely different.
In this art project Eneroth have been exploring the transformation of dense products associated with consumerism and here investigated their ethereal and transparent nature in its temporary expression. It´s an exploration of how the sublime and etheric aspect of reality is an underlying potential in all form as well as in the formless. When the boundaries of the material world are dissolved we enter the landscape of neither subject nor object, the transparent interrelationship between the relative and the absolute. The artwork exposes the limitation of our human capacity to define and conceptualize what we encounter.