Li Chevalier

1961 Beijing, China


Li Chevalier is a Chinese born French artist who graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design (London).

Working at the crossroad of Europe and Asia for the past two decades, she is most known for her “Euro-Asian” art language born out of blending western media and elements of eastern traditional art. Li Chevalier’s experimental ink painting style can be identified by her personal way of incorporating Chinese ink into canvas, blended with pigment, mineral chips, sand and elements of Chinese art such as rice paper and calligraphy. By using such mixed media, she transcends the classical ink-on-paper model.

Four major retrospective exhibitions of Li Chevalier have been presented by the National Art Museum of China (2010), the Today Art Museum in Beijing (2010), the Shanghai Art Museum (2011), the National Opera China (2013) .Her work became part of the permanent collection of the National Art Museum of China and the National Opera of China, as well as part of the French Embassy’s art collection. Her works also appeared in some major international art fairs and exhibitions, such as the Art Salon of the French National Fine Art Society at Carrousel du Louvre (2009), l’Art en Capital at the Grand Palais (2007,2011), London Art Fair (2007), Glasgow Art Fair (2008), Northern Art Fair (2008), Shanghai Art Fair (2008), Beijing International Art Fair (2011), the Doha National Art Gallery Al Bida.

Li Chevalier lives and works in her two art studios in Beijing and Paris.

Li Chevalier – Trajectoires de Désir

Li Chevalier – Trajectoires de Désir

45.00 €

Author: Luc Ferry, Gérard Xuriguera, Raphaël Enthoven, Emmanuel Lincot, Alfredo Scarciglia, François Julien, Geneviève Galley, Daniel Bougnoux

Clothbound: Hardcover

Dimensions: 32.7x23.8x2.5cm

Language: French or English

Publisher: cherche midi

Print date: 2017

ISBN: 978-2-7491-5571-5