ifa gallery is established by Alexis Kouzmine-Karavaïeff in 2006-2007 in a 700m² converted textile factory space in Moganshan Road – M50 Creative Centre – Shanghai’s contemporary art district. With a quality exhibition programme of principally Chinese contemporary art, and a supporting line-up of performances the gallery contributes to the dynamism of the area. Major exhibitions during that time include the solo shows of Park Sung-Tae (Korea) and sought-after young artist Liu Bolin (China).

From summer 2008 to summer 2013, ifa occupies a charming residence built in 1923 for an official of the British Customs House, located in Shanghai at 621 Changde Road (Jing’An district). The gallery offers an innovative and artistic angle to the central part of the city and acted as an artistic meeting point for contemporary art in Shanghai.

Fall 2013, ifa gallery moves its premises to the heart and capital of Europe, Brussels. Located in the old central district of Marolles, the gallery offers a dynamic programme with its main artists from China and new artists from the region. At the meantime, a new exhibition space opens in March 2014 in the district of Jing’An in Shanghai, where ifa gallery continues to showcase some local artists.

ifa gallery exhibits contemporary art from China and Beyond, regardless of artists origin. We represent both established artists such as Dai Guangyu, a leading figure of China’s avant-garde, the Gao Brothers and Wu Junyong; as well as emerging artists, including recent graduates of the fine arts schools in Beijing and Hangzhou such as Fan Jiupeng and Li Rui, or foreigners based in China, such as Zane Mellupe from Latvia or Alexandre Ouairy from France. ifa features work in a wide range of media formats, from painting to photography, video, installation and performance.

The gallery presents and supports artists that have an original language and means of expression, that shy away from clichés and conventions and that have strong concepts and artistic vision.



ifa2 gallery logo

ifa²gallery is the brand-name for ifa gallery pop-up spaces.

AUG.2010 – FEB.2011
A 50m² space located on Yongkang Lu, in the former French concession of Shanghai.
This street was a former vegetable market revamped in 2009 by the developers Platform-Yonkangli.
Early 2010, the artist-curator Zane Mellupe opened five spontaneous art spaces, including the gallery YK art space, and created Yongkang Lu Art, a new platform for contemporary art, organising exhibitions and performances.

SEP.2015 – MAY.2016
A 40m² space located on Rue Haute/Hoogstraat 153 in Marolles district of Brussels, in collaboration with the artist Christophe Demaître.
This exhibition space is 3 minutes walk away from ifa gallery in Brussels and features Christophe Demaître artworks.



ifa laboratory logo

The name ifa laboratory derives from the collaboration with ifa gallery.
ifa in Chinese means the methods of arts. ifa laboratory is a consultancy and a social enterprise.

The creation of ifa laboratory is based on the idea of highlighting the added value of art and culture. “Art for art’s sake” is good, but not good enough. Not if art will be sustainable and organically integrated in the society. Thus ifa laboratory seeks to promote art and creativity through original perspectives and contribute to the valorization of art.
ifa laboratory aims to demonstrate that art can be used to the benefit of different strata of society, whether the simple individual, a neighbourhood, a business, an organisation, a government…

Behind ifa laboratory you find a dynamic team with diverse and complementary international experience. The core team consists of three persons; Johanna Suo, David Laurier and Alexis Kouzmine-Karavaïeff. ifa laboratory also works with independent experts making it possible to provide the best quality of the services on offer.


Ifa gallery team

Alexis Kouzmine-Karavaïeff

founder & director

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Angélique Demur

Associate-Director Brussels

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Jessica Quarato

brussels space manager

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Effie Sui

Shanghai space manager

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Johanna Suo

ifa laboratory director

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external curators

Marie Terrieux

Marie Terrieux

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Bérénice Angremy

Bérénice Angremy

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